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Job Description

Company Overview:
Pressert Marketing is a modern, strategic business development corporation, working with the two most successful communication, news, media companies in our region, TurlockCityNews.com and Central Valley TV, along with the newly formed Independent Media Consortium, Inc.

Pressert Marketing provides strategic marketing and business development services to select, quality local businesses. We are a proven specialist in using complex strategies, modern technology, and the all-powerful internet while focusing on successful communication and the collection/analysis of stats and data toward results.

Position Summary:
As a business manager, you will work closely with the CEO to implement and oversee both long- and short-term strategies to:
- Develop an effective and efficient Pressert Marketing team
- Create an organized office
- Oversee strategic planning of synergistic partnerships and key accounts.


In this role, you will be given the opportunity to use strategic thinking to solve problems and reach goals (results) identified as part of strategic planning.

Essential Functions:
WORK – Meet and work closely with a 24/7, driven CEO and Executive Partners to implement strategic, and mostly, conceptual visions.
THINK – Understand complex strategies and concepts in order to create, delegate, and manage duties toward specified results (this is not the same as developing or initiating complex strategies and concepts on your own).
TAKE ACTION – With intelligent strategies, unlimited opportunities, an abundance of stats and data/information, and modern communication tools, you will need to take action, quickly... especially with online interaction and high-paced lifestyles/business models.
SUCCEED – Reach goals and deliver results, whatever it takes. We work as a pay-per-performance company, and will expect the same internally.
MANAGE – Oversee and guide workflow including the day-to-day operations, office, personnel, daily duties, and projects.

Areas of Involvement:
- Business Operations
- Office Management
- Business Development
- Communication
- Strategic Marketing
- Internet (Websites, Mobile, Apps, Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Etc)
- Technology (Apple Computers, iPhones, iPads, Canon Photo/Video Camera, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Etc Hardware and Software)
- News/Current Events
- Social and Consumer Trends
- Economy (Business Trends)
- Politics (Stanislaus region has predominately Republican representatives who communicate with their constituents via Pressert marketing platforms)

Duties (Partial List, Some Tier 2 Work)
- Hold meetings daily with owners, staff, and clients.
- Set up office, open/close/manage office.
- Continue developing Pressert Marketing business model and brand, along with synergistic partnerships' business models and brands.
- Hire and assess personnel; manage and process payroll.
- Develop policies, protocol, and procedures.
- Manage staff and execution of delegated duties.
- Manage client projects and accounts.
- Collect and analyze stats and data.
- Create reports and give presentations.
- Write emails, texts, official letters, press releases, website updates, social media posts, etc.
- Contribute ideas toward marketing campaigns, assist with proofing and editing.
- Identify potential clients, cold calling may be required. Create proposals.
- Schedule and keep company calendar.
- Attend and represent the business at community and social events.

- Experience and/or proven success in as many areas referenced above
- Proven experience in managing or supervising a successful team of employees
- Skilled in the use of MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel and MS database at an intermediate level
- Second nature utilization of technology and digital communication
- Considerable knowledge of the internet and social media as communication, business, and marketing tools
- Pass real-life scenarios test
- Critical thinking
- Highly motivated, self-supervised, driven
- Excellent communication and organizational skills
- Acute attention to detail with a strong ability to prioritize and execute tasks effectively and efficiently
- Ability to thrive in a fast paced, multi-tasking environment with shifting priorities
- Use multiple sources of stats and data and metrics to analyze relevant business situations and proactively recognize, evaluate, and address key business issues, drivers, and growth opportunities.
- Capable of identifying weakness, competitive shortfalls, and ability to recommend and implement innovative, effective, and efficient solutions

Pressert Marketing is an equal opportunity employer.

Experience and proven business results are appreciated, however, motivation to succeed, good work ethic, and intelligence confirmed by a real-life scenarios test will be valued as well.

Pressert Marketing, during its current expansion, is considered a "startup." All who join now are getting in on the ground floor of something great with unlimited potential. View all employment positions available here on our website.

Salary depends on experience and has many opportunities for increase.

Position is open until filled. Screening of applications will begin immediately.

To apply, please email a resume and cover letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please use a subject line of "Pressert Marketing Business Manager Position."

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