Online Retailer

Amazon is one of the largest online retailers. Depending on the type of business you own, this retailer may provide some leads for sales.

POSITIVE: Large online presence, ability to sell individual items, outlet for sales online through trusted retailer.

NEGATIVE: Pay a percentage to Amazon, sales may be minimal, must sell up to Amazon standards.

appApp Store (Apple/Android)

Mobile Software

Apps are becoming more popular as users adopt newer smartphones. Apps can be free or paid, and have been made for almost every industry.

POSITIVE: Provide offline content, supplemental income, promotional, app store presence.

NEGATIVE: Very costly $$$, majority of apps aren't used, users habit is to download and use only once, most app experience can be duplicated through mobile website.


Technology Company

Apple is the one of the leading technological providers available. They have a large marketshare in the mobile phone and computer industry.

POSITIVE: Large online presence, ability to sell individual items, outlet for sales online through trusted retailer.

NEGATIVE: Premium prices and yearly hardware upgrades can cost loads of money.


Search Engine

Microsoft's Search Engine. Second most popular engine to the dominant Google. Has had a recent facelift to boost competition but still is struggling to gain marketshare.

POSITIVE: "Faster than Google Search" according to Microsoft. Is default search engine on the popular web browser Windows Explorer.

NEGATIVE: Search results seem less relevant than Google. Cheaper to advertise on because user base is smaller than Google.


Blogging Platform

Blogger is a blog publishing service that allows private or multi user blogs. Part of Google.

POSITIVE: Works with Google Account. Easy to publish a blog and hosting is on Google servers under

NEGATIVE: Cannot be installed on private web server. Must have a Google account to get started.


Social Bookmarking

A social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing and discovering web bookmarks.

POSITIVE: Was a largely popular bookmarking service in the early 2000's.

NEGATIVE: Recently it has lost interest from users, has been aquired by Yahoo and sold to AVOS Systems to return to a "back to beta" state. Not nearly as popluar as it once was but still is flashed around by outdated marketing companies as profitable traffic source.


News Aggregater

An online news aggregator with an editorially driven front page. Selects stories for it's users based upon user popularity.

POSITIVE: At one pont was a very popular social news website with large userbase.

NEGATIVE: User's abondoned ship once there was speculation that the stories on the front page were being selected instead of voted up. Companies began buying spots on the frontpage dressed as "news" and the user base moved to Reddit for socially shared news.


Content Management System

Drupal is a free and open-source content management system. It manages all major function of a website through user backend.

POSITIVE: 3rd most popular Content Management System, with user generated supported. Very customizational. 

NEGATIVE: One of many similiar content management systems. Can be confusing for beginners and isn't designed for ease of use over customization.


Online Auction/Retailer

User's can buy and sell through auctions or flat pricing. Name brand reputation and large userbase support.

POSITIVE:  Very popular and easy to get started. Flexible auctions and eBays effort to prevent fraud keep eBay at the top of many businesses list for selling inventory.

NEGATIVE: eBay fee's can be considered high. Paypal is the preffered payment type on eBay so user's must have an account to sell. There are stories of people with negative experiences but most of the time transactions are free of incident.


yourname @

Personal Email Address

A custom email address with your website domain at the end.

POSITIVE: Looks professional. Gives the client the impression they are dealing with you. Brand your company name and manage your employees work email. Create a uniform email address for your company.

NEGATIVE: Free email accounts like, or cannot use your domain for email. You must have a website and in most cases a server hosting the website to use custom domain email.


Social Network

Largest social network that continues to grow. Connect with friends, family, customers and more. Allows for sharing of thoughts, pictures and content.

POSITIVE: Large user base. Free to setup and relatively easy to maintain at a minimal amount. Allows communication with customers and branding options.

NEGATIVE: Is slowly beginning to charge for certain services. Constantly changes how it conducts business and how the website functions for unpredictable planning.

google2Google Adwords

Advertising Network

Ad network provided by Google for advertising on Google's Search and other affiliate marketing services.

POSITIVE: Allows businesses to buy Google real estate on a search results page. Great ROI and is a major component to the most popular search engine on the internet.

NEGATIVE: Prices flucuate on keywords. Google is constantly changing how it handles business and search functionality.


Search Engine

The most popular search engine on the internet. Users can type in a series of words to find more information about them.

POSITIVE: Ultra popular, and minimally designed, Google search remains the most relevent, used and cited search engine. Also provides many other services that are free.

NEGATIVE: Collects data on everything that is conducted on the site. What Google uses to rank searches is not shared with the public.

illustratorAdobe Illustrator

Illustration Software

Part of the Adobe Suite, Illustrator is a popular if not industry standard graphic design software. Mainly used for illustrative applications, not photo editing.

POSITIVE: Used in studios everywhere, most computer artists work in illustrator. Great for desiging logos, cartoons, and other computer art.

NEGATIVE: Difficult to use for beginners. Isn't cheap and will require time spent to learn how to use it properly.

indesignAdobe Indesign

Page Layout Software

Part of the Adobe Suite, Indesign is a popular software for laying out pages for books, magazines, brochures and more.

POSITIVE: Works great for working on projects with multiple pages. Very popular choice for most design shops.

NEGATIVE: Difficult to use for beginners, price is high too. Cannot make original artwork in it, so that must be imported from another program like Illustrator or Photoshop.


Picture Based Social Network

Allows users to take a picture with their mobile device and instantly upload it to the internet with or without special fx and filters. Users can then share these images online with friends or strangers.

POSITIVE: Easy to use, becoming very poplar and is great for keeping customers interested in your business. Content doesn't usually require more than taking a simple picture. It's free!

NEGATIVE: Limited options on configuration. Limited interaction with users.


Content Management System

Popular content management system which allows for blogs, plugins and components to enhance the experience. Open source for user development.

POSITIVE: Popular with a large amount of support. Continues to add flexibility and new features. Open source means more freedom for developers to create applications and components. Easy to use backend. Free to use.

NEGATIVE: Installation process can be tricky for new users. Some components cost money. 

linkedinLinked In

Business Network

Social network for people in professional occupations.

POSITIVE: Great for networking and building a career by connecting with other business professionals online.

NEGATIVE: More beneficial to certain industries than others. Basic function is for finding jobs in the professional field, no real business/customer benefits.


Software Developer

Popular and widely used software company. Developers of Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office applications and Internet Explorer (IE).

POSITIVE: Software is found on most home pc computers. Internet Explorer is one of the most widely used web browsers due to default on home pc. Microsoft is constantly enhancing their products.

NEGATIVE: Windows is critiqued for being not as stable as OSX (Apple's operating system). Prone to virus, spyware, spam and other digital pests due to its large popularity. Has a reputation of slowing down over time. 


Social Network

Social Network aimed at a younger audience with emphasis on arts & music. Once was the largest social network but has drastically fallen in popularity.

POSITIVE: Great for bands to share their music with an audience. Allowed for users to customize their page with basic HTML.

NEGATIVE: Not nearly as popular as it once was. User base is young. 


Online Merchant Services

Website for accepting payments online. Create shopping carts, or item purchase buttons for website. Send invoices and accept credit card payments from users without an account.

POSITIVE: Easy and quick for making, accepting payments online. Very popular and widely accepted on most website. Anyone can accept credit card payments or payments made from another account.

NEGATIVE: There are some fees. Some vendors/users prefer not to use Paypal. Less control than a personal bank account.

photoshopAdobe Photoshop

Graphic Design Software

Software for manipulating photos, creating graphic designs and other print/web digital images.

POSITIVE: Very popular software used by most professional creative teams. Industry standard for photo manipulation. Allows for a lot of flexibility and plugins. 

NEGATIVE: Might be difficult or seem confusing for beginning users. Expensive.


Image Based Social Network

Photo sharing websites that allows users to create and manage theme based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies. Users can browse other pinboards for images, "re-pin" or "like" photos.

POSITIVE: Beneficial for visual businesses such as interior designers, fashion and lifestyle to promote products. Early adopters are women with mainstream interests.

NEGATIVE: More beneficial to companies actually selling products. Must link account to Twitter or Facebook. 


Audio Content

Audio recording of a "show" produced for internet distribution. Ranges from topical, news, sports, music, and more. Usually is a running series.

POSITIVE: Great for distributing audio recorded content. Another avenue for users to connect with a brand, company, or person. Freedom to do anything and free besides cost for recording equipment.

NEGATIVE: Users want good content which requires time/focus to create. Setting up recording may be difficult for some. Podcast market is flooded.


News Aggregater

Reddit is a social news and entertainment website where users submit content via a link or text.

POSITIVE: Large user base and content can be very informational or go viral.

NEGATIVE: Not a great spot for advertisers or businesses to try and sell product.


Communication Software

Skype is a free/paid voice over ip service.

POSITIVE: Uses the internet to voice or video chat around the world. Free for some services and popular enough to be on most electronic devices.

NEGATIVE: Some services cost money. Not everyone has a Skype account.

stumbleStumble Upon

Social Bookmarks

Once a popular way to bookmark interesting websites for other users to 'stumble upon' randomly.

POSITIVE: Fun and interesting way to get exposed to new websites and content. Integrated browser toolbar made it easy to use.

NEGATIVE: Users can waste a lot of time going from website to website. Once other more popular ways of sharing websites grew, Stumble Upon's userbase declined.


Blog Aggregator

Technorati is an Internet search engine for searching blogs.

POSITIVE: Great for sharing a blog.

NEGATIVE: Not very useful if you don't have a blog.


Social Network

Second most popular social network currently. Allows users to send out a limited amount of text via their electronic device to a feed viewable by other users.

POSITIVE: Great for business to quickly share information with a user base online. Free to use and growing in popularity.

NEGATIVE: Not as interactive as Facebook, and not nearly as popular on the casual level. 


Blogging Platform/Content Management

Popular blog creation software. Also now offers content management for websites.

POSITIVE: Popular and well used content management system. Free. Known for being easy to use and learn but simply in customization options.

NEGATIVE: Wordpress program needs to be updated fairly frequently. The core updates can often break existing plugins.


Social Video Network

Short six second user-generated videos, mostly with comedic content due to its length.

POSITIVE: Popular viral explosion recently has grown interest. Many celebrities are taking part, and the short length makes it easy to generate content.

NEGATIVE: Videos are a maximum of 6 seconds which can limit the amount of content in a message. Shared videos seem to be comedic more than serious.


Search Engine

Popular news, mail and search engine website.

POSITIVE: Has large user base from free email offered in early internet years. Is one of the big 3 search engines. Has partnerships with major companies to integrate Yahoo into their businesses.

NEGATIVE: Not quite as popular as Google, and not as name brand either. 


Business Reviews

Online database of local businesses, categorized by rating. Ratings & reviews are submitted by users.

POSITIVE: Popular source for discovering new businesses in an area. Allows businesses to add information about hours, menu and interact with user reviews.

NEGATIVE: Reviews can be one sided, and sometimes are malicious. Owners can pay to 'hide' bad reviews, so legitamacy of the rating can be untrustworthy.


Video Platform

Allows users to watch and upload videos, as well as earn money for advertising. 

POSITIVE: The most popular video service available online. Free to use. Some videos can become viral which can sky rocket interest in a particular area. Great for uploading business commercials to.

NEGATIVE: Videos are constantly being uploaded so there is a large competition of content to be viewed. Advertising options are limited to popular channels.