July 15, 2014 6 a.m. PST

Opportunity for Highly Trafficked Online Advertising

Pressert Marketing is excited to announce a partnership with Central Valley TV that will enhance the delivery of breaking news and crime updates to residents of the Central Valley.

Since October 2013, Pressert Marketing has been overseeing the business plan of, increasing readership and advertising revenue with their partnership. Now, working with Central Valley TV, Pressert Marketing will implement several of the same strategies that are still in use at

“Two major local media agencies are now under the guidance of Pressert Marketing’s proven strategy,” said David Fransen, CEO and Co-founder of Pressert Marketing. “The addition of CVTV to Pressert’s media line-up will mean increased traffic to the website and locals’ heightened awareness of what’s going on in the Central Valley.”

Carlos Rodriguez, owner and publisher of Central Valley TV, has been covering local events since 2005 as the go-to source for all local news and reports.

“We’re not making something, we’re making something better,” said Fransen. “CVTV is already an established, trusted source for breaking news and crime updates. We will work to streamline consistent, quality content and increase traffic to”

Pressert Marketing has developed a brand new website for Central Valley TV with a fully functional mobile version. The website will now feature organizational strategies similar to those used on The new website and mobile version will be launched next week. Central Valley TV will continue its updates on social media, but will now focus on delivering content on

Central Valley TV has already become the go-to source for Facebook and Twitter news updates, and now a recently created Instagram account, launched July 3, will help deliver breaking news on a third social media platform to loyal readers and new readers alike.

Implementing a specific strategic business plan and managing the advertising programs for, Pressert Marketing has shown proven results in the media-managing market.

Prior to Pressert’s marketing work, there were approximately 4,000 Likes on the Facebook Page. Since implementation of Pressert’s strategies, the page has grown to more than 17,000 Likes over the course of eight months, compared to other Turlock media agencies with under 7,800 Likes. With Pressert’s guidance, has 3,000 users engaged on Facebook, amplifying its reach to nearly quadruple the amount of other Turlock medias.

Although sees a large number of its traffic come from Facebook, the number of unique visitors to the website itself has increased 900 percent, up to 300,000 per month since Pressert’s involvement.

Currently, the Central Valley TV Facebook Page has nearly 70,000 Likes and more than 16,000 people engaged meaning a greater media presence than and double that of other regional media. However, has peaked at 106,000 unique visitors per month. United with Pressert, Central Valley TV is expected to see results similar to, potentially reaching 1 million unique visitors per month.

Businesses who invest in advertising with Central Valley TV before the full launch will reap the benefits of these results. But the benefits are more than statistical. As owner and publisher of Central Valley TV, Rodriguez has long been committed to reporting community news ethically and in record time, the kind of news source a business can be proud to be associated with. Rodriguez is motivated by the need for timely, honest reporting from Stockton to Merced.

“Nine years ago when I started with CVTV, I was concerned with filling the void of an underserved local media,” said Rodriguez. “Local news agencies have only outsourced more since then. The nearest television stations are 80 miles away — we’re at the end of the line. The community needed something here and that’s what Central Valley TV has done.”

Pressert Marketing was founded in December 2012 by a team of four who believe strategic plans create successful results for local business owners and community leaders. Pressert Marketing is dedicated to finding solutions to business needs and executing plans to stimulate growth in all areas including revenue, online visibility, promotion, and organizational efficiency.

Central Valley TV was founded in 2000 by George and Ellen Stallings, who hired editor Carlos Rodriguez in 2005. In 2009, Rodriguez took over Central Valley TV and now serves as owner and publisher. Rodriguez has made Central Valley TV the go-to media outlet it is today. Central Valley residents look to it as their source for local breaking news and crime updates, and with concentrated Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram coverage, Central Valley TV stays connected with its viewers.


Joey Worsham
Manager Pressert Marketing
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