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Website Design

Having a modern, functional, and up-to-date website is now no longer optional when running a local business. The Internet is becoming the largest consumer resource, and a website is the best way to reach potential new customers. Contact us today for information on how we can boost your online representation.  

  • Our websites are clean, user-friendly, and easily updated.
  • We can add functionality components like merchant services, image galleries, and mobile optimized display.
  • Optional enhanced user tracking allows businesses to see where, what, and more about who is visiting their site.
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Facebook & Social Media Management

Most business owners don't have time to focus on the inner workings and “secrets” of marketing through social media. What might seem like a simple posting of a picture, is much more strategic than appears.  .


  • We've been using this technology since the beginning and have exploded our clients’s social networks.
  • We know where, when, and what to post.
  • Delegating this work to a current employee often leads to overall loss of money and time. Pressert Marketing saves you both.
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Google Adwords and Internet Advertising

Getting to the top of Google takes the help of a professional. We successfully save our client's advertising money, drive new customers to them, and make them #1 in Google searches.

  • Stop spending frivolous money on ancient marketing platforms, we'll save you money and bring in new customers.
  • Our online advertising plans are simple for our clients to purchase, but complex in the strategy behind them.
  • The Pressert team will optimize your campaign to drive clicks to your website instead of competitors.
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Business Consultation

Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective to find the hidden "black holes" that suck money or time out of your business. Pressert Marketing successfully finds those black holes. We also will analyze and re-analyze strategies that have the potential to be huge profit centers for our clients.

  • Pressert business consultation provides an objective, goal-oriented point of view from behind the scenes with the purpose of increasing our clients’ revenue.  
  • We focus on what is best for our clients. Our ideas range from conservative to radical, but are completely honest and transparent.
  • Communication with our clients is top priority. Owning a business isn't limited to working during business hours, and our consulting isn't either; our clients know they can reach us at all hours.
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Strategic Marketing

There are times when a business needs a secret weapon, and we're there to deliver. Our clients frequently request unique, custom-designed, and advanced methods of promotion.

  • Our team will strategize new promotional ideas customized to your needs and successfully execute them.
  • From event planning to online chat services, we have experience in producing a variety of solutions for a client.
  • We have connections everywhere and share this network with everyone we work together with.
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